Statefields School: Excellence Through Multiple Intelligences, Positive Values and 21st Century Skills

I have a toddler who will, of course, pretty soon go to school, I feel a good mix of happy, excited, anxious and confused! I mean with schools left and right these days, which one is the right one for my child!

It didn’t help that I heard some horror stories in the past few months about schools not being registered with DepEd, not having clean water, or having school principals and teachers who are basically rude and impolite, to put it lightly.  And I am sure many of you resonate with me.

This gave me an idea to feature great schools here in my blog. Basically, I am interested in the culture, values, character building, safety and learning environment. Please read on if you are interested in the same for your child.

Today, we are featuring Statefields School in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite, for those of you near this place in the south.

PPJ for Purposeful Parenting Journey and SSI for Statefields School, Inc. Let’s get started, shall we?

PPJ: What is the overall culture in the school?

SSI: Statefields School’s culture is shaped by its vision and mission. All the sectors of the school community know the VM by heart. The school curriculum, teaching practices, administrative, academic, and discipline policies put the students at the center and are aligned with the VM of the school.

PPJ: What are the top values that the school instills in the young minds?

SSI: Our core values – Faith in the Creator, Love for One’s Country,  Discipline and Orderliness, Respect for Self and Others, Concern for Others, Integrity and Honesty, Collaboration and Commitment to One’s Work, and Productivity, Perseverance, and Responsibility.


PPJ: What’s the teaching methodology?

SSI: Curriculum and instruction focus on the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Gardner, 21st Century Skills and Positive Values. Teachers are trained to engage students to become active learners as they implement the constructivist approach and make use of varied student-centered strategies. Blended Learning, Cooperative Learning, and Differentiated Instruction are some of the strategies teachers employ.

PPJ: What is the school’s point of view or policy when it comes to homework?

SSI: Students are given short assignments to improve the skills learned but no homework is given on Fridays so that the students can have more time for the family.

PPJ: What types of facilities does the school have to aid in learning?

SSI: We have modern facilities to support the school VM. Each classroom, which is fully air conditioned, is equipped with LED/Smart TV with home theatre system; there’s a big library called the Learning Resource Center (Note: where my sister, Angeli, is a school librarian and LRC Team Lead, how cool is that?); sports facilities (two gymnasiums),  5 science laboratories, 3 computer laboratories; HE, Art, TVE laboratories ; Guidance Center, 3 Multi-Media Centers; four Multi-Purpose Halls; Music Rooms, SHS Lounge, two big cafeterias, MI Center, Dance Hall, Music room, faculty rooms.

PPJ: Is there a waiting area for the parents, guardians?

SSI: There are waiting areas for parents and guardians.

PPJ: Are they allowed inside the classroom for kindergartners?

SSI: They are not allowed inside the classrooms because we want to teach young learners independence; however, teacher assistants are assigned inside the Nursery and Kinder classrooms to attend to the needs of the pupils. We want to protect the academic atmosphere inside the campus.

 PPJ: Is there a specific system in terms of who are allowed to pick-up the children?

SSI: There is an ID system that is strictly implemented, no student can be picked up by anybody without the Authority-to-Fetch-ID. There is also a Student Mobile Portal App so parents can receive notifications of the In/Out of their children.

PPJ: What are the co-curricular activities, especially for kindergartners and graders?


For Kindergarten– Read Aloud, Penmanship Reinforcement, Literary Week, MI Week, Community Adaptation, Music and Movement, Nutrition Month, etc.

For Graders- Interest Clubs- MuSSIco, Theater Group, Sforzando, Ballet, Dance Club Sports clubs, etc.

Intrams Week, Linggo ng Wika, Entrepreneurship Week, English Week, MI Challenge, Recollections/ Retreats,Value of the Month convocation, etc.

 PPJ: School accreditations?

SSI: The school is PAASCU Level 2 accredited; was recognized by EETA (Excellence in Educational Transformation Award) and by the Center for Educational Measurement for Excellence in Leadership.

PPJ: Please feel free to add any other item that you wanted to share about the school.

SSI: We have a rigorous Anti Bullying Campaign, Bloodletting program ( B.L.O.G.) and other Outreach Programs.  There are regular earthquake and fire drills. Varied holistic assessment  strategies of student learning are employed by the teachers.

 We have a CPD Program called iLEAD (Institutes of Learning for Educational Advancement and Development) that cater to educators who are interested to learn and earn CPD units. I manage this program. This was established because we actually have a month-long and rigorous training program for our teachers and we thought we should share this program with teachers from other schools believing that Filipino children deserve to have teachers who care for their success.


It is such an honor to co-write this blog along with

Dr. Perla Ambrosio Zotomayor, Ed.D. 

Dr. Pearl received her Doctor of Education, Major in Educational Management degree from De La Salle University (DLSU), Master of Science in Education degree from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, where she received the Most Outstanding Thesis Award, and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree (cum laude) from the Philippine Normal College, (now Philippine Normal University) where she was conferred the Prinsesa Urduja Leadership Award.

As founding principal of Statefields School, she introduced the Multiple Intelligences framework and integrated it in the curriculum. In 2009, while serving as Principal of Statefields School in Bacoor, Cavite, she received the “Principal of Excellence” award from the Center of Educational Measurement (CEM). Before she retired, she led Statefields School to get an accreditation from the Philippine Association of Accredited Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). She also spearheaded the school’s application for Excellence in Educational Transformation Award and successfully garnered the awards for Excellence in Innovation in Curriculum Design and Development as well as Innovation in Learning Methodologies in recognition of the Multiple Intelligences theory initiatives.

Dr. Zotomayor is an author of textbooks in Mathematics and Language Arts published by REX Bookstore. She is a resource speaker and lecturer in conferences for teachers and educators in the country and has attended education institutes and conferences across the globe.

There’s Statefields School for you.

What do you think about Statefields School? How about on featuring schools? Which areas would you be interested in? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

For topic suggestions or just about anything else you wish to share, please feel free to write to

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for always allowing me to be part of your parenting journey as much as you are part of mine. 🙂 Til next!

About Coach Emile Therese

Emile Therese is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Head of People & Culture. She is an alumna of the University of Philippines in Diliman, Psychology major. She is happily married and they are blessed with an amazing daughter. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, a Certified HR Professional and a Certified Practitioner of the DISC Assessment of Profiles International Inc. She believes that employee engagement rests on the pillars of basic human needs, powered by strengths and encouraged by leaders. All together these form the imperatives of employee engagement - Engagement Imperative.

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