Veron Estrella of Vonec’s Flower Garden: Building Memories Through Flowers

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Today, we feature a mom who has certainly not confined herself to the duties at home and in the office. Not to reduce its importance, of course…

How often do you find yourself saying, “I have no time.” or “I can’t do that.” pertaining to other things of interest to you?

Please check out this article, especially that part on Veron (or Vonec) being a mom and about her adventures: Veronica Estrella: Paving the Way to an Authenthic, Humanized and Globally Competent Filipino HR and be amazed at how much a mom can really do.

Vonec’s Flower Garden

Over and on top all those, she runs a flower garden and let me tell you, it is grand!!!

This is what will greet you upon going to the website of Vonec’s Flower Garden. The photo changes to showcase her many other designs. Please checkout her website link below. This is what will greet you upon entering the website of Vonec’s Flower Garden. The photo changes to showcase her many other designs. Please checkout her website link below.

“I took a floral techniques course on Saturday mornings for almost a year for the sole purpose of learning the techniques available in floral design as I like flowers. Little did I know that this passion would turn into a business. I now own Vonec’s Flower Garden (Vonec was my nickname at home as it was very difficult to get a DTI approval for a business name with Veron or Veronica) and somehow gravitated to doing wedding floral styling and arrangements although we cater other special occasions.”

Representing the Philippines in the World Flower Summit’s “My Country Design” in Guangzhou, China, in 2017.Representing the Philippines in the World Flower Summit’s “My Country Design” in Guangzhou, China, 2017. Veron is 5th from right.

The below features her work, a very lovely bouquet for one of the most memorable events of my life! Definitely more than I have imagined and perfectly captures what I dreamt of – simple and elegant and in our color motif. So thankful that she had my wedding flowers for my entourage as a gift. It’s definitely something we’d cherish forever.

She’s done so many other projects – mostly weddings – that it is very difficult to book a meet-up with her on weekends. You will see her other designs on her website and FB page, both links are below.

My wedding day with one of Veron’s creations, my beautiful bouquet.My wedding day with one of Veron’s creations, my beautiful bouquet.

All These and More. How is that Possible???

Veron is truly a well rounded individual excelling in several aspects of life – career, family, business, and still with recreational activities on the side (scuba diving, mountain climbing, sky diving, etc.). I asked her how she makes time for all these. Here’s what she said…

” I put my whole self and try to excel in each of those things that I chose to do.

“It is very seldom or maybe never would you find me in a place without a purpose, even if that purpose is to have a quiet time or to think.

“I also focus on quality and planning, so that I do not need to re-work, and then if these are not realistic, acceptance. No fuss, just move forward.

“I may be doing a lot of things, but I actually live a simple life. I try to get rid of waste, both in terms of time and things. I keep very few valuables. I go for experience rather than material things.

“At work, I like things to be done in a simple manner, I abhor complexities. I do not like back and forth discussions at work if we could avoid it. Agility and complexity do not co-exist.

“Attend to the things as soon as you can, do not procrastinate without a reason. Say “no” if it makes no sense, and if you say “yes”, attend to it with your whole self.

“At the end of the day, one can find time to do things that one wants to do. Like what my mom always told us when my siblings and I were young: when you want to do something, there is always a way, when you do not want to do something, there is always an excuse.”

Now, that’s also something I always heard from my parents growing up, too.

Hard to believe she lives a simple life with all these grand things around and about her. But you know, I think it is her being that is truly grand.

Lessons from Veron

Here’s summary of Veron’s ‘secrets’ on how she does all these and have a full life. Actionable items that all parents and everyone else can learn from.

1. put your whole self in everything

2. find the purpose

3. focus on planning and quality

4. get rid all kinds of waste – time, things – a goal for me in 2019, minimize if not altogether zeroed out

5. simplicity is key

6. do not procrastinate

FB: Vonec’s Flower Garden

Web: Vonec’s Flower Garden From her website

From her website

About Coach Emile Therese

Emile Therese is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Head of People & Culture. She is an alumna of the University of Philippines in Diliman, Psychology major. She is happily married and they are blessed with an amazing daughter. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, a Certified HR Professional and a Certified Practitioner of the DISC Assessment of Profiles International Inc. She believes that employee engagement rests on the pillars of basic human needs, powered by strengths and encouraged by leaders. All together these form the imperatives of employee engagement - Engagement Imperative.

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