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Happiness is a cup of coffee on a slow Sunday while watching sunset. Happiness is leaving office early on a Friday night. Happiness is watching T.V. on a non-busy Saturday afternoon. It is gardening at 5:00 A.M. on weekends and taking a leisurely walk with my family before breakfast. Did you…

10 Online Shopping Tips

Personally, I started to shop online after giving birth. You know, too busy with the baby and too comfortable with my torn and loose house clothes to go out. Online shopping was a savior – from diapers to themed costumes. Just about anything that you can find in the malls are available online.

I encountered my fair share of issues with online shopping and is exactly the reason I am writing this, so, you won’t have to. Read on for my 10 Online Shopping Tips.

Thank You + “Dear Mama” by Amy Blount

Dear everyone,
We hope to thank everyone of you, who shared experiences, words of encouragement and prayed for us, especially my sister and brother-in-law, from the bottom of our hearts.

I’d like to share as well a poem written by Amy Blount | A New Life.

Failed Pregnancy :(

A baby cries nearby,
Oh what a happy sound,
Doctors, nurses pass by,
Sadness all around.
As one was born,
Another wasn’t fully formed,
My sister, her husband, everyone was torn,
A little too soon we mourned.
Praising God my sis is ok, no matter His reason,
Only He can tell for now,
Anticipating season after season,
To God, always we trust, pray and bow.
His gift, His precious blessing,
Very soon, my sister and we all shall receive,
Ease the pain and the hurting,
Way better days we shall achieve.

My Other Blog Site -EngagementImperative.com

My dear blog friends,
Just wanted to share that I have another site – engagementimperative.com.
The goal of this other site is to inspire teams and individuals in the workplace. Here we cover matters from Recruitment to Resignations, Leadership and Employee Engagement, we feature inspiring individuals and teams, feature wellness (from mental to financial), and so much more!
If you found those interesting, please follow Engagement Imperative, too. :)
Thank you in advance and as always, I look forward to your blogs. :)