Hear the Bells of Notre Dame de Paris

The Ringing Bells of Notre Dame de Paris – turn up your volume.

[Share Your World] Thanksgiving

I am thrilled to participate, especially, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Also, I want to join in the community life in the blogosphere. As a parent, I also want my daughter to learn community living and be herself, a great member of the society. So, here we go! It’s fun, you might want to join, […]

Thank You + “Dear Mama” by Amy Blount

Dear everyone,
We hope to thank everyone of you, who shared experiences, words of encouragement and prayed for us, especially my sister and brother-in-law, from the bottom of our hearts.

I’d like to share as well a poem written by Amy Blount | A New Life.

My Other Blog Site -EngagementImperative.com

My dear blog friends,
Just wanted to share that I have another site – engagementimperative.com.
The goal of this other site is to inspire teams and individuals in the workplace. Here we cover matters from Recruitment to Resignations, Leadership and Employee Engagement, we feature inspiring individuals and teams, feature wellness (from mental to financial), and so much more!
If you found those interesting, please follow Engagement Imperative, too. :)
Thank you in advance and as always, I look forward to your blogs. :)