Proper Spending For Kids

Most articles are on the topic of saving and savings. However, I think it is equally important to teach kids about proper and thoughtful spending.

Why and how? I have some thoughts…



Happy 95th birthday, Lola Tikang! We love you!
Check out lola’s secret in the blog post. #livelikelola

My Dad’s Watch

Originally posted on SunshineandNightstar:
This watch is from my father. I used this sparingly through grade school, high school, college and a few years while working as an IT professional. I used it on my wedding day too. Now a days, though, I have been keeping this watch in my drawer. I haven’t used it…

Parent-Child Expression of Love thru Connectedness

How do you connect with your toddler/child/tweener?

In today’s world full of distractions – work, email, apps, games, TV, YouTube and so much more – how do we make meaningful connections with our child/children. There’s always hardly any time left. 

What if with only more or less 60 minutes of strategically scheduled and properly done practices with your children, you can strengthen your connection with your child?

Of course, more meaningful time is always better.

Read more to find out…

Hello Happy February!!!

Hello, February!!! To be honest, now and even (especially) when I was still single, I never celebrated Valentine’s. I always believed this was just a day created by Hallmark and other capitalists. That’s just my point of view. However, there’s no lack of celebrations in this month. In fact, it rains birthdays in our family! […]