7 Things About Eau de Toilet Drops

First of all, what is Eau de Toilet Drops?

Read on to find out.

Get Your Cookie Cutters at the Library

Originally posted on Suzanne's Mom's Blog:
Photo: Betty Crocker Full-service libraries are starting to lend out cooking utensils as well as cookbooks. You’ve heard of the Internet of Things, right? Using the internet to turn on the heat in your house before you arrive home from a trip, for example, or checking inside…

What Do You See? Thoughts and Suggestions Shape Reality.

And just that, the last month of the year just rolled in! Did your Christmas Wishes and New Year’s Resolutions come true? Is your list ready for next year?

Well, this isn’t about wishes and resolutions. Rather, a key component that helps make these come to life!

Secure Your Child’s Future: The Whole Person Paradigms

The only certain thing about the future is that it is uncertain!

While we have strong faith in God, we also want to do our part, by trying to secure whatever is within our capability and capacity to do so.

How do you secure your child’s future? Come, let’s share ideas and best practices!