Leadership and Parenting: Similar and Inseparable

My first leaders are my parents. And since childhood, these two terms have been inseparable for me. In fact, I think at the core of any parent is a leader.

Do you agree?

Nature Belongs To Nature

I was busy collecting a few nice seashells and gave them to YenYen, my daughter. She kept throwing them back to the water. Finally, she found a small piece of drift wood and placed some of the shells there. She showed her dad, exclaiming, “Daddy, look at my art work!” and hurried back to sea. I said, “aren’t we bringing them home, baby?” Much to my surprise and amazement, here’s what she said, “They’re home, mom.”

Plus, sharing my realizations from this #proudparentsmoment.

[Share Your World] Thanksgiving

I am thrilled to participate, especially, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Also, I want to join in the community life in the blogosphere. As a parent, I also want my daughter to learn community living and be herself, a great member of the society. So, here we go! It’s fun, you might want to join, […]


Originally posted on SunshineandNightstar:
Happiness is a cup of coffee on a slow Sunday while watching sunset. Happiness is leaving office early on a Friday night. Happiness is watching T.V. on a non-busy Saturday afternoon. It is gardening at 5:00 A.M. on weekends and taking a leisurely walk with my family before breakfast. Did you…

10 Online Shopping Tips

Personally, I started to shop online after giving birth. You know, too busy with the baby and too comfortable with my torn and loose house clothes to go out. Online shopping was a savior – from diapers to themed costumes. Just about anything that you can find in the malls are available online.

I encountered my fair share of issues with online shopping and is exactly the reason I am writing this, so, you won’t have to. Read on for my 10 Online Shopping Tips.