Which Would You Rather Break?

At the shopping center… Mother and daughter, of about 4 years old, were deciding which vase to bring home. Finally, they picked one, which, according to the child, “Oh! This one, please, Mom? Daddy will be happy to see this. It’s blue, it’s his favorite color and simple like what he always says.” The Mom […]

Luisito “Louie” Bautista, The Road To Public Service

If you have a house in Dasmariñas City, you probably would have heard of the Craftsmen Enterprises (formerly GTJ Glass and Aluminum Supply). This is among the (if not the) town’s leading supplier of aluminum and glass windows, doors and other projects involving such materials. Humble Beginnings Craftsmen Enterprises is owned and operated by Tito […]

SSS Updated Table Of Contributions

As promised in this article – Expanded Maternity Leave: Inclusions and Implications in the Workplace, here are the updated table of contributions for the SSS fund. (ER – Employer, EE – Employee) For those of you who have kasambahays (helpers), here’s their table. OFW contribution table is as well noted here. Not working? A stay […]

Extended Maternity Leave: Condensed Version for Moms in the Ph

Hello mommies! Finally, what we’ve all waited for! More time with our new born babe. The Republic Act 11210 is very long and can I say, boring? 😉 So here, let me chop it up for you. Here’s the link to the full document in downloadable PDF format. What are its Highlights of RA 11210? […]

Tips for That-Time-of-the-Month Blues for Mommies

Hormones. Hormonal changes. That’s all that is. But, these hormonal changes can be so big it may lead to huge fights between couples. It’s like having the so-called S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder that afflicts some around the Christmas season; only this kind of S.A.D. recurs on a monthly basis.
Can you relate? How has it affected you? How do you handle it? I have tips to share…

My Daughter Turned 5

Originally posted on SunshineandNightstar:
? My eldest child just turned five (5). That also means I became a father five years ago. I’ve been repeating that to myself a few weeks now, and I still can’t grasp it fully. It’s surreal. The feeling of happiness watching her grow, the joy of being with her as…

How To Publish A Perfect Ebook On Amazon

If publishing a book is in your bucket list, then this article will help you get started on the publishing side of things. For me, this is more challenging than writing itself. So nice of Bushra to share this. Bushra is a very creative mom. Be sure to check her blog out on bushraslifestyle.com; you’ll […]

Proper Spending For Kids

Most articles are on the topic of saving and savings. However, I think it is equally important to teach kids about proper and thoughtful spending.

Why and how? I have some thoughts…