Save on Group Meals with Zomato Gold: Use My Code For Your Discount

Use Code: EMIL9619 to get 25% off on your membership subscription fee! 🙂 I, in turn, get 2 months added to my membership! Yay! 🙂

What is Zomato Gold? How can one save by using it? Read on…

16 Rules of Parenting Etiquette That Will Make YOU One Popular Mama

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash This post may contain advertisements and/or links for products and services that I value. I offer recommendations to products that I find helpful in my own life as a mom. I may receive a commission based on viewer purchases or interactions with these ads. Cheesy Mom Joke of the Day: Mom what’s […]

Veron Estrella of Vonec’s Flower Garden: Building Memories Through Flowers

Good morning, everyone!!!

Today, we feature a mom who has certainly not confined herself to the duties at home and in the office. Not to reduce its importance of course…

How often do you find yourself saying, “I have no time.” or “I can’t do that.” pertaining to other things of interest to you?

This story inspires us that moms can be so much more. Learn lessons from Veron on how to make it possible and know more about her flower garden hobby and business. Who knows, maybe you can come up with wonderful ideas, too!

Read on…

Unravel and Start Anew

In the world of crochet, “unravel” is a dreaded term. It means you have to undo what you have so lovingly and patiently created to, usually, make corrections. Sometimes it is just a couple of stitches back, other times it is a couple of miles long!

The same is true in life…

Unplugged: Spending Less Time on Gadgets

Originally posted on SunshineandNightstar:
My wife and I had several conversations on lessening screen time for us and for our kids as well. The goal is to spend more time interacting face-to-face and without distractions. We have recently started practicing less cellphone use at home by depositing our mobile phones to a designated area. And…

You need to know why God created you

What is your purpose here on earth? This is a nice literaty work by Your Success Inspirer… SUCCESS INSPIRERS' WORLD You need to know why God Created you;God did not create you,And put you here on earth For nothing.He was not wasting his timeWhen he created you;Can you imagine God Wasting his time?Not at all;All […]